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Do Something This Summer!

At our traditional overnight summer camp, we believe that the best way for boys to learn and build self-confidence is through being active, having fun, making friends, and participating in their favorite activities.

Our traditional camp program offers instruction in a variety of activities such as traditional sports, archery, climbing, and wilderness trips, just to name a few!

With over 100 years of experience and expertly trained traditional camp staff, you can feel confident that your boy will have a summer which he will remember for the rest of his life — full of fun, friendship and new skills!

  • Canoe a River
  • Climb a Wall
  • Hike a Mountain
  • Work with Wood
  • Sing a Song
  • Yell a Chant
  • Play a Game
  • Run a Race
  • Build a Fire
  • Swing a Bat
  • Kick a Ball
  • Shoot Some Hoops
  • Fire at a Target
  • Jump in a Lake
  • Waterski
  • Sail a Boat
  • Conquer Your Fear
  • Make a Friend
  • Defeat an Obstacle
  • Solve a Problem
  • Earn a Award
  • Have Some Fun
  • Join a Team
  • Build Something
  • Discover Something
  • Win Something
canoe-a-river climb-a-wall hike-a-mountain work-with-wood sing-a-song yell-a-chant play-a-game run-a-race build-a-fire swing-a-bat kick-a-ball shoot-some-hoops fire-at-a-target jump-in-a-lake waterski sail-a-boat conquer-your-fear make-a-friend defeat-an-obstacle solve-a-problem earn-an-award have-some-fun join-a-team build-something discover-something win-something


At our boys overnight summer camp, your son can learn new skills, develop self-confidence and make friends that last a lifetime.


Our summer camp remains committed to providing boys with fun activities while giving them a chance to learn some new skills.


Our overnight summer camp staff is dedicated to the safety, well-being, and positive growth of today’s youth.