WLC COVID-19 Update 9

July 6, 2020


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WLC COVID-19 Update 9

Dear WLC Family,

Need a weekend away? Come enjoy the lake, use a canoe or FunYak, play frolf, use the fields and courts or just sit under the tree on the green chairs. We still have spaces available for you to visit! Please read THIS DOCUMENT for all the details regarding Alumni Visits, including how and when to make reservations. We are happy to answer any and all questions and are looking forward to welcoming Alumni families to camp this summer. 

We want to thank the following people for coming to camp to help us get ready for Alumni Visits:

  • Ryan Pitcairn
  • Joe Caruso
  • Kevin O'Neill
  • Jon Ceru
  • Ross Fidler
  • Andrew Nagle
  • Rick Clark
  • John Webster
  • Rob Capone and his current camper son, Rocky
  • Thomas Cleary and his girlfriend, Rebecca
  • Scott Giessler and his current camper sons, Tommy and Elliott
  • Jon Haycock and his alumni son, Jamie, and Jamie's alumni friend, Ethan Savage
Your hard work and dedication to camp is greatly appreciated!

VIRTUAL BROG Competition starts today! For those alumni that are unaware, BROG (Blue, Red, Orange, Green) has replaced Blue vs White as the in-camp competition teams. For our BROG competitions, each team also has a House name assignment. Blue is the House of Lakes, Red is the House of Mountains, Orange is the House of Rivers and Green is the House of Forests. We welcome everyone to participate. Those that have a house assignment, please compete for your house. For those that do not have a house assignment, please choose one house to compete for throughout the entire 4 week "session" of challenges.
  • Meet your Virtual BROG Leadership Team!
    • House of Forests: Jon Hippenmeyer, Peter Laskin, Alton Russell and Tommy Giessler!
    • House of Lakes: Matt Hays, Miles Renney, Dylan Goldman and John Doyle!
    • House of Mountains: Gustav Wolmarans, Adam Muhith, Andre Amazeen and Harry Wyndorf!
    • House of Lakes: Thomas Cleary, Kyle Schophaus, Mackie Renney and Theo Braatz!
  • The challenges are announced via our website, Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Players will have 1 week to complete the challenges and submit proof on our website. Proof may be in the form of a photo, video, list etc. 
  • Please click THIS LINK for more information and where to submit challenges. 

In case you missed it, 2000s Alum Graham Pollard has taken on the massive feat of crossing the country via a Segway Scooter in order to raise funds for WLC. He has started his ride and is making his way through Kentucky at this time. Follow The Scooter Crossing on Facebook and Instagram for updates. To learn more about Graham and his cross country trip and to support his effort please visit the GoFundMe Page by clicking this link. 

If you have not yet filled out the information for the Camper Directory, please click this link to do so. Deadline for this information is July 17th.

We hope to see you all back on the Knoll soon!

-Your Friends at William Lawrence Camp

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