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Please watch this important message regarding our For Lawrence We Stand, 2020 COVID-19 Relief Fund campaign.

Dear WLC Community,

Now that we have fully assessed the impact of a summer without camp, we need your financial support more than ever. It is time to regain our financial footing as we roll out our For Lawrence We Stand Campaign, COVID Relief Fund. Our goal is to raise $250,000 over the next two years. This is essentially the amount of money we will lose this fiscal year. We quickly have cut costs since it became clear that the summer season was in jeopardy and we have been pursuing disaster relief funds and other grants. We will be digging deep into most of our unrestricted funds and borrowing money as well. With our future at risk, particularly with the knowledge that COVID will impact us not just this year but next, it is imperative that we raise funds. Now, more than ever before, William Lawrence Camp needs your support.

One of the most important elements of this campaign is participation. We need everyone reading this, everyone who has a memory from WLC to donate, irrespective of the amount. $250,000 represents 250 friends of the camp giving an average of $1,000. But we would really like to have hundreds more folks giving whatever they can. There will be those that give more than $1,000 and those that give $25. Any donation is valued and appreciated. Sustained giving is also a way to contribute while not having a major impact on your wallet. If you have an extra $10 a month to give and you give over two years, that’s $240 that has truly made an impact.


Nat Crane
Executive Director

Neil Hulbert
Chair, WLC Development Committee

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At our boys overnight summer camp, your son can learn new skills, develop self-confidence and make friends that last a lifetime.

Our summer camp remains committed to providing boys with fun activities while giving them a chance to learn some new skills.

Our overnight summer camp staff is dedicated to the safety, well-being, and positive growth of today’s youth.