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Outdoorsman Skills

William Lawrence Camp has many Outdoorsman Skills activities including:

  • Archery
  • Fly Fishing
  • Fly Tying
  • Riflery
  • Skeet
  • Wilderness Skills
  • Fire Building
  • Animal & Plant Identification
  • and more...
Want to learn about the outdoors? We're ready to teach you the skills that you'll need. You can learn to shoot rifles, shotguns and the classic bow and arrow. We will also teach you fly-fishing and fly-tying skills, and then how to build the fire to cook your catch, and how to build a shelter to sleep in at night. Come on and become a woodsman.
Outdoors 01
Outdoors 02

Fly-fishing & Fly-tying

Learn how to outsmart a fish with a well-tied fly and the perfect cast: we'll help you learn the storied art of fly fishing, to prepare you to tackle the rivers and streams of the world on your own.

Wilderness Skills

Want to learn how to survive in the wild? We'll teach you how to build a fire and start it with flint and steel, and how to identify plants and animals. You can even build a shelter out of branches and leaves to stay in overnight. Making s'mores outside a shelter you built yourself? What could be better!
Wilderness Skills 01
Wilderness Skills 02
We have one of the best archery programs among summer camps in the area. With a covered range and two massive cabinets to store our myriad of gear, the capacity to have 16 shooters at a time, and the ability to shoot at a range of up to 40 meters, our range provides a comfortable place for instruction and a home to our undefeated archery team.
Archery 01
Archery 02
Our Riflery and Skeet ranges are both competition quality. Located just down the hill from the Farmhouse, they are easy to access and, due to their covered nature, are comfortable in any weather.


Our rifle range is cool and comfortable; a great place to learn how to shoot or work on your technique. Shoot for qualifications and see if you can score that perfect 50.
Riflery 01
Riflery 02


Come on down to shoot some pigeons with shotguns. Clay pigeons, of course, but you still learn how to shoot and handle a shotgun properly. Trapper ready? Pull!
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