Challenge Course

Our Challenge Course is made up of three distinct features:

  • Low Ropes Course
  • High Ropes Course
  • Climbing Tower
Our Challenge Course boasts a climbing tower atop the knoll with stunning views, a low ropes course to build team work skills, as well as a top-notch high ropes course. We built our whole challenge course ourselves so you won't find anyone who knows their course like we do ours!
Challenge Course 01
Challenge Course 02

Low Ropes

Our low ropes course is filled with different elements to help build your skills in teamwork and problem solving. Even low to the ground, there's tons of fun to be had.
Low Ropes 01
Low Ropes 02

High Ropes

Take a leap from the Shiver Pole, battle the Gauntlet, or ascend the Vertical Playpen, and don't worry about falling — we'll catch you.
High Ropes 01
High Ropes 02

Climbing Tower

The fifty-foot tower offers three sides to climb and the top provides the best view in all of camp. See if you can climb all the routes!
Climbing Tower 01
Climbing Tower 02
Challenge Course
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