136 days to camp!!

Special Programs

Beyond regular program we’ve got a whole arsenal of special program days and activities to throw at you. Everything from Gold Rush day to leaving camp for an evening to see a minor league baseball game. But if you think what is here is the limit to our programs, you are luckily mistaken!

Gold Rush is an afternoon-long event that encompasses the entirety of camp in a frantic search for gold. The more gold a cabin finds, the more “money” they get to use for carnival night, a huge end-of-session celebration ending in a display of fireworks.


Olympic Day is an entire day set aside for the colors war, called BROG. It has just about every game imaginable from Riflery to fooz ball and climbing to sand castle building. Every event is worth points for your team and bonus points are to be had for spectacular feats or good sportsmanship!

At the end of Olympic Day there is a fabled event called the Apache Relay. It is a massive, whole camp, relay race that spans every activity area from the waterfront to the Challenge Course to the athletic fields.

Each session, as a unit, you will get to visit the home field of one of the local minor league baseball teams. We often bring a unique (and by unique we mean loud) presence to the stadium with our camp spirit.