136 days to camp!!

The WLC Centennial Celebration went off without a hitch on Labor Day Weekend, 2013. Over 350 guests and staff gathered on the Knoll for the three-day reunion that showcased the Centennial Lodge, the refurbished Barn, and a chance for guests to participate in their favorite activities and reminisce about their time at camp.
centennial stage at wlc


centennial deck at wlc


The goal of the Centennial Weekend was not only to celebrate the completion of the improvements around camp, but to give alumni a chance to reunite, share stories across generations, enjoy their favorite activities, and revel in the camp spirit.


New Centennial Lodge

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends of the camp, the Centennial Lodge was built in time for the Celebration. The main hall has already become an important activity area. We are still raising funds to finish the basement to provide new areas for weight lifting, fly tying, and arts and crafts.

centennial lodge at wlc


the barn at william lawrence camp

Refurbished Barn

Because of the generous response to our fund raising, the Board of Trustees decided to expand their initial goal to fund a much needed rehabilitation project for the beloved Barn. No longer are seniors able to break the barn during their bi-annual dance.

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Our camp values are based on what we call William Lawrence Camp Spirit:

William Lawerance Values

The Board of Trustees is a concerned, active group of individuals close to the camp who meet at least four times a year to set policy, review operations, and, with the help of the Director, steer the course of the Camp.

The Board of Trustees and Members of the Corporation have all had a close association with William Lawrence for many years: many were campers themselves, and still more are the parents of current and former campers and staff members.



President: Gail Avery


Secretary: Chris Summersgill - My 11 years as a WLC camper and councilor were a rapid blur of fun camaraderie, as well as formative and fundamental to the person I am today.  Now, from the perspective of a Trustee and camper parent, the library's inscription "in loco parentis" resonates deeply. William Lawrence lives the promise of "From good boys, we make better men".


Treasurer: Betsy Roguet


 Charlie Cleary - Charlie was a camper at WLC from 1975 to 1979, a CIT in 1980 and a counselor through 1984.   He is a member of the WLC Honor Society.   His brothers David and Peter attended WLC during the same timeframe.   His son Thomas went to Camp as an 8 year old junior and would return every summer for 15 years.   Charlie joined the Board of Trustees in 1998 and served as its President from 2005 to 2014.    For all of its attributes in shaping the character of boys and young men, Charlie is grateful for the initial connection to WLC and the positive experiences which followed.

 Seana Crellin - Seana was introduced to William Lawrence Camp by her husband who was a camper and counselor back in the 1980s. WLC played a key role in his development and Seana's own experience at overnight camp for 8 summers understands the role camp can play in a child's growth and development. Since the day her son was born Seana and her husband counted down the years until he was old enough to start at WLC. For the past 5 years, William Lawrence has given her son a place to mature and gain confidence as an individual. He returns home each summer a little taller, tanner and confident in himself. Seana is honored to serve on the Board of Trustees and contribute to making William Lawrence accessible for generations to come. Before children, Seana was a vice president in account management at a mid-size Boston advertising agency.

Lucy Hancock - Lucy Hancock, a resident of Wolfeboro, NH, and Hingham, MA, joined the WLC Board of Trustees in 1997 and served as President from 1998 to 2002.  Her son Charlie was a camper in the 1990’s, and her son Will was a camper and staff member in the early 2000’s.  Lucy continues to be a staunch supporter of WLC and the residential camp experience.

male trustee


Neil Hulbert


 Mark Hyde - I am a lifelong outdoor enthusiast. My passion for the outdoors was sparked by attending a boy’s camp in New Hampshire for eleven summers. I have two sons that attended William Lawrence Camp; Christopher who is a member of the WLC Honor Society, Bill Larry Man and counselor and Ryan who is a member of the WLC Honor Society, Bill Larry Boy and LIT. William Lawrence Camp holds a special place in my heart because a summer on the Knoll helps build character and self-confidence. Young boys grow into independent, responsible young men. 


Sharon Paul



Keith Schnaars - Keith is a Camper Parent. He works for an investment management firm in Boston. Enjoys hiking, skiing, and kayaking.  

 Pam Sharpe - Pam became an enthusiastic supporter of William Lawrence Camp after dropping off her son with a friend on the Knoll in the summer of 2015. Now with both of her boys having enjoyed camp for the past six summers, she has seen firsthand the important benefits of overnight camp, including growing independence, lifelong friendships and camaraderie, and unplugging from the digital world and connecting with nature.  It is an honor to serve as a Trustee and give back to Camp, helping to ensure that boys of future generations will be able to have the same positive experience. Pam, a former pension actuary, lives with her husband, three children and their beloved hound, Elsie, in Hingham, MA.

 Jeff Stump - Jeff is the parent of two William Lawrence campers, one of whom is now a counselor at the camp.  He  was so impressed by how William Lawrence instills a sense of independence, responsibility and maturity among young men that he jumped at the chance to help support the camp’s mission as a member of the Board of Trustees. 


male trustee


Jon White - I was a Camper and Counselor for ten years, from the early 80’s through the early 90’s.  I am now the proud parent of a newly minted Bill Larry Boy, Charlie White.  The camp has meant a tremendous amount to both of us.  I look forward to being part of the camp family for many years to come.




 Rick Brown - Rick was a camper for 7 years and a member of the Honor Society. In 1965, he became a Junior Counselor in the Kitchen with Hilda Jackson, Maude Samuda and Bob Jones. He remained a counselor for four more years. Rick is currently a Member of the Corporation and has served on Board of Trustees as Treasurer and as President for 34 years. His son Derek attended camp from 1984-1991. COMRADESHIP “Be a friend to everyone. Do at least one act of unbargaining service each day.  Do it not for the glory that the service brings, but for the strength and satisfaction that the service brings to him who serves.”



Joe Caruso - I spent ten years at WLC as a camper, counselor, and member of the honor society. I love camp because it gives you an opportunity to unplug and live in the moment while meeting new friends.

Alex Camerino - From Chichester, NH, Alex graduated from St. Lawrence University. An avid skier and wilderness adventurer, Alex started at camp in 2004 as a camper and has moved up the ranks through LIT to a staff member. He has led all of the camp’s out-camping trips over the years, was a Unit Leader in 2015 and most recently was the camp’s Program Director. Alex is camp’s jack-of-all-trades and has spent 15 summers at WLC. He currently lives in Idaho.

Thomas Cleary - I started at William Lawrence as a camper in 2003. Eight years later, I went through the LIT program, became a member of the Honor Society, and became a full counselor. I was on staff through the summer of 2017, when my career as a teacher started to encroach on my summers. I still visit camp as often as I can because I love the spirit, the community, and all the great friends I’ve made across the years.

Andrew Duncan - In the fall of 1996 my mom and I got lost trying to find WLC for a tour. Arriving many hours late, we were met by Nat on the Knoll and were immediately sold. Since then, I spent three years as a camper and many years as a cabin counselor, unit leader, and trip coordinator. At camp I learned to hike, climb, canoe, and do laundry (still working on that last one). I am a proud member of the Honor Society and always looking forward to the next time I can be at camp.

Ross Fidler - I have been affiliated with camp since I was a 9 year old junior in 2002. After my time as a camper I worked as an LIT, counselor, and Unit Leader until 2014. Our amazing camp gave me confidence, responsibility, and a love for adventure and the outdoors. WLC has also given me some of my closest friends. My experiences at camp are a big part of why I now have a career that I love as a teacher and coach. I will always continue to support William Lawrence Camp because no matter how much I give back, it will never equal what camp has given to me.

 Paul Gallagher - I spent eleven consecutive summers at Bill Larry, as a camper, counselor, and honor society member. The experience left plenty of fond memories: from chilly late-summer mornings at the flagpole to playing in and coaching inter-camp sporting matches, to judging "Battle of the Bands." My experience at camp was an essential influence in my choice to become an educator, and the training and mentorship I received as a staff member continues to serve as the foundation of my educational philosophy.

 Ben Marston - Ben started at WLC in 1998 and spent a total of 15 summers at camp. Over those 15 years, he split his time between being a camper, LIT, cabin leader, unit leader, archery instructor, trip leader and hole digger. He even found some time during his last summer to afilm and edit the most recent camp video. Now living in Montana, Ben is still trying to stay involved and help camp out from a distance in any way he can.

Geoff Peyton - Camper, Staff, Honor Society, 1999-2005. My best memories at camp were grand adventures: canoeing Lake Aziscohos, hiking Mt Bigelow, or even just creating a life sized version of Clue for an Evening Program.

Su Peyton - Proud Mom of Geoff and enthusiastic supporter of Camp and the wonderful opportunities for growth it offers boys and young men.   Am now a resident in coastal NC, but have enjoyed my continued association with WLC, helping to put together the Knoll News in fall and spring since 2011.


John Swanson - From Baltimore, MD, John attended camp for 9 years between ’98 and ’08 as a camper, LIT, counselor, unit leader, and 2nd generation member of the honor society (John’s dad, Dave, attended camp in the early 70’s). He even proposed to his wife on the Farm House Deck during the 2013 Centennial Celebration.

An epic battle going back decades! Twice a year the brave men of Bill Larry prepare their best shooters to battle the ladies of our sister camp, Fleur-de-Lis in a match of skill, patience, and guns. Here are the past results of these battles.

YearFleur-de-LisWilliam Lawrence
August 2019   460  432
July 2019  463 437
August 2018  457 342
July 2018   457  400
August 2017 469 185
July 2017 472 372
August 2016 461 429
July 2016 444 440
August 2015 447 367
July 2015 442 376
August 2014 467 459
July 2014 428 428
Centennial A-Team 477 488
Centennial B-Team 470 463
August 2013 471 420
July 2013 454 442
August 2012 470 422
July 2012 460 425
August 2011 477 375
July 2011 468 386
August 2010 481 400
July 2010 478 368
August 2009 479 437
July 2009 469 436
August 2008 470 401
July 2008 456 456
August 2007 491 461
July 2007 472 471
August 2006 484 413
July 2006 475 448
August 2005 479 425
July 2005 476 439
August 2004 481 463
July 2004 480 475
August 2003 490 474
July 2003 472 468
August 2002 486 464
July 2002 487 406
August 2001 486 437
July 2001 469 465
August 2000 484 469
July 2000 479 444
August 1999 480 475
July 1999 475 427
August 1998 486 472
July 1998 480 452
August 1997 474 469
July 1997 472 472
August 1996 480 452
July 1996 473 463
August 1995 488 466
July 1995 476 469
August 1994 478 475
July 1994 465 460
August 1993 481 469
July 1993 464 450
August 1992 460 465
July 1992 470 471
August 1991 476 465
July 1991 477 465
August 1990 487 480
July 1990 480 479
August 1989 470 467
July 1989 460 444
August 1988 481 479
July 1988 486 469
August 1987 482 472
July 1987 461 465
August 1986 491 475
July 1986 465 461
August 1985 482 468
July 1985 482 458
August 1984 469 471
July 1984 471 467
August 1983 478 466
July 1983 464 469
July 1975 474 475