136 days to camp!!


William Lawrence Camp offers its campers a world-class campus covering 250 acres in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with 1/2 mile of waterfront on pristine Lower Beech Pond. We have a spectacular birds'eye view of Lake Winnipesaukee and surrounding mountains.

At our all-boys residential camp, our campers live in screened cabins separated into the Junior, Middler, and Senior Units. Campers are assigned to units based on their grade in school. Campers entering 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th grade in the fall are part of our boys' Junior Unit. Boys entering 7th or 8th grade in the fall are campers in our Middler Unit. Our Senior campers are boys entering 9th and 10th grade in the fall. On our 250 acre campus in the Lakes Region of NH, each unit consists of residential cabins in which counselors live in the cabins with the campers but in separate quarters called CQs. Each unit also has a bathhouse, which we call a Wayside. In the Wayside, there are private showers, toilets and sinks. Our campus is designed to allow the boys to experience nature and the activities offered outdoors. Our cabins do not have electricity although there is electrity in the Waysides as well as floodlights to guide campers from their cabins to the Wayside at night.

The Centennial Lodge is a new, beautifully constructed activity area that features a large hall with a stage and a basement that houses the new Camp Store and a well equipped weight room. There are plans to finish the basement in the near future to provide dedicated areas for fly tying, a camp museum, a costume room for skits and the Braves Honor Society. The views of Lake Winnipesaukee and surrounding mountains in the Lakes Region of NH from the Lodge's deck are unbelievable, as they are in most of camp.

centennial lodge at william lawrence camp

Overlooking the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, the William Lawrence Camp dining hall, also known as Pratt Hall, is where campers and staff come together three times a day to indulge in the incredible food provided by our camp chef. All meals are served buffet style with multiple options available and the boys are able to eat their fill! Our amazing chef can accommodate all dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and any cultural restrictions. Along with our main courses for each meal, there is also the beloved breakfast and salad bar. As an all-boys camp our mealtimes are energetic, peppered with songs, chants, a healthy boisterous attitude, any maybe even a rafter cake!

The Farmhouse is home to our all-boys residential camp’s year-round administrative offices in addition to the Library, Recreation room, Arts & Crafts, and senior staff housing. The structure itself dates back to the original owner of the New Hampshire land, the farming family Copp. Thus it is a building rich with tradition and character. Our Library houses plaques which catalogue past campers and staff members, as well as those who have earned the right to be called a Member of the Honor Society. In addition to the decor, the Library has a large number of books available for campers to borrow and read at their leisure. The Recreation room has a pool table, two fooz ball tables, an air hockey table, a shuffle board table as well as a cabinet full of board games.

Our registered camp nurse lives in the Infirmary all summer, ready to care for any and all injuries and ailments. The Infirmary is located at the bottom of the Knoll, next to the Farmhouse. From the screened-in porch, sick campers have a gorgeous view of lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding mountains. We are a short 15 minute ride to the hospital and doctors office should the need arise.

Our Barn is an important area to camp as it provides the ideal location for various Evening Programs, rowdy and high energy activities for the boys and, in case of inclement weather, a multi-purpose indoor space. The Barn dates back to before the founding of the camp and is an important part of the camps heritage. The Barn was refurbished as part of the Centennial Campaign to improve its flexibility and usability for the next generation of campers.

the barn at william lawrence camp