WLC at Home

Please click the links below to see all of the content we are putting together for our WLC Families while they are at home.

Catch all of Nat's videos from camp here.

We are bringing Joke time to you! Watch Goose tell some of WLC's most classic jokes and those submitted by you.

To submit a joke please email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join us Wednesdays at 4pm EST for WLC Trivia via Kahoot on Zoom (click here to join the live session)

Don't forget you will need two devices to play - one for the Zoom call and one for Kahoot.com as your answer tool.

The questions with answers as well as a recap are posted after every live session just in case you missed it.

Join Us For WILLIAM LAWRENCE CAMP Re-ZOOM-ions by Decade

For campers and staff that attended WLC in….

The 60s and 70s — on Wednesday, May 13th at 7pm: click here to join the party!

The 80s — on Tuesday, May 12th at 7pm: click here to join the party!

The 90s — Sunday, May 17th at 3pm: click here to join the party!

The 2000s — Sunday, May 17th at 4:30pm: click here to join the party!

The 2010s — Sunday, May 10th at 3pm: click here to join the party!

See all of the E-Mail communications we have sent to our WLC Family regarding COVID-19 and camp.

WELCOME to Virtual BROG!

Week Three Submissions due July 26th!

We will announce 3-5 challenges per week for you to complete on your own time.

Challenges will be announced by 12pm Mondays and must be submitted by 11:59pm Sundays.

The winner for "First Session" will be announced on Monday, August 3rd.

Meet your Virtual BROG Leadership Team!

House of Forests: Hippo, Peter Laskin, Alton Russell and Tommy Giessler!

House of Lakes: Matt Hays, Miles Renney, Dylan Goldman and John Doyle!

House of Mountains: Gustav Wolmarans, Adam Muhith, Andre Amazeen and Harry Wyndorf!

House of Lakes: Thomas Cleary, Kyle Schophaus, Mackie Renney and Theo Braatz!

Submissions must be posted under your team name below:

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