WELCOME to Virtual BROG!

STARTING Monday, July 6th.

We will announce 3-5 challenges per week for you to complete on your own time.

Challenges will be announced by 12pm Mondays and must be submitted by 11:59pm Sundays.

The winner for "First Session" will be announced on Monday, August 3rd.

Meet your Virtual BROG Leadership Team!

House of Forests: Hippo, Peter Laskin, Alton Russell and Tommy Giessler!

House of Lakes: Matt Hays, Miles Renney, Dylan Goldman and John Doyle!

House of Mountains: Gustav Wolmarans, Adam Muhith, Andre Amazeen and Harry Wyndorf!

House of Lakes: Thomas Cleary, Kyle Schophaus, Mackie Renney and Theo Braatz!

Submissions must be posted under your team name below:

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Week One Challenges:

Keep it upMake a 30 second video of you keeping a soccer ball, tennis ball, balloon, or anything else in the air. Earn points for each time you hit it! - Submit a video under your team name above

License Plate ArmeggedonTake a picture of a license plates. Teams earn points based on how many different states or countries are found! - Submit a picture under your team name above

Fishing DerbyTake a picture of a fish you caught next to a ruler. More points for bigger fish! - Submit a picture under your team name above

Camp T-Shirt PhotosEarn bonus points for the most creative picture! - Submit a picture under your team name above

Complete as many challenges as you want. The more participation the more points!

Submissions due by 11:59pm Camp Time on Sunday, July 12th.